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Cloud Backup and Recovery

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  1. Cloud Backup and Recovery

Eliminate The Risk of Data Loss On Pcs and Laptops With Automatic, Secure And Reliable Cloud Service

It’s business critical: You need to protect the sensitive information stored on PCs, Mac® computer and laptops, especially those far outside the data center. You want to prevent lost data, firefighting and painful recoveries that consume valuable IT resources. Desktop and laptop data loss kills your organization’s productivity – and takes valuable IT resource time from strategic initiatives that drive your business.

  • Iron Mountain can help ensure sensitive data on PC and laptops is backed up and protected with an automated process that is seamless to your users.
  • Have complete confidence that your organization’s PC data is backed up automatically with a simple, secure and reliable solution - and that when the time comes, you can retrieve it quickly.
  • Reduce the burden of the desktop and laptop backup itself and the cycle time to recovery. Iron Mountain® ’s PC Backup can lighten your data protection burden and provide the rapid recovery.
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